Vocational Education and Training Partnership (BBP)

BODY sequa gGmbH
TIMEFRAME 2019 – 2026

Overall Objective
High-quality, practice-oriented vocational training creates improved employment prospects and contributes to reducing the risk of poverty and improving the competitiveness of companies.

Project Objective
The vocational training activities at the partner institutions are aligned with the needs of the economy in cooperation with companies and open up better employment opportunities for the graduates and participants in the further training programmes.

Result 1
The quality of vocational training at the partner institutions is improved and sustainably ensured through specific knowledge transfer and the training of multipliers in selected professional sectors.

Result 2
The autonomy of national partners to cooperate in the field of vocational education and training and to raise awareness of the importance of vocational education and training is improved.

Result 3
Cooperation between educational institutions and the business community to promote vocational education and training has been formalised and implemented as a pilot project.

This BBP is characterized by the initiative of its partners, the Associação Moçambicana de Energias Renováveis (AMER) as well as the Instituto Industrial e Comercial Da Matola (IICM).

This initiative is supposed to result in a significant improvement of entrepreneurial cooperation and vocational education (TVET), especially in the renewable energy sector in Mozambique. The BMZ-supported project also aims at improving the role of private sector associations as intermediary organisations between companies and vocational training institutions.

During the first phase of the project, suitable elements of the German Dual Apprenticeship System have been identified and successfully implemented, according to the actual needs. Another fundamental aspect was the development of a blueprint for appropriate curricula and teaching materials, as well as generally improving the quality of vocational training for teachers. Workshops on vocational education were conducted to create awareness among young people to be able to shape their lives responsibly and sustainably through proper vocational education.

The renewable energy association AMER has developed into a real stakeholder in the first project phase, while the industry partner has been switched from the IIM in Maputo to the IICM in Matola in the second project phase which started in January 2023.